FUN-A-DAY 2015

Fun-A-Day is an art show project that I participate in annually. The show is put on by the Art Clash Collective and features work which was completed each and every day for the month of January. For my 2015 submission, I painted 31 Portraits of 20th century writers.

Many -- but not all are sold. They are $50, so hit me up if you want one.

Oil on cedar - 4 x 7.25 inches

Oil on Sealed, unprimed linen - Various

Albert Camus

Chris Hitchens

Cormac McCarthy

David Mitchell

EM Forster

Ernest Hemingway

F Scott Fitzgerald

Flannery O’Connor

Harper Lee

Haruki Murakami

Hunter Thompson

Jack Keroac

Jack London

James Baldwin

James Joyce

JD Salinger

Joan Didion

John Steinbeck

Joseph Conrad

Junot Diaz

Agatha Christie

Kazuo Ishiguro

Kurt Vonnegut

Langston Hughes

Michael Chabon

Noam Chomsky

Sylvia Plath

Thomas Wolfe

Toni Morrison

Truman Capote

Ursula K LeGuin

Vladimir Nabakov

Willa Cather

William Faulkner

William S Burroughs

Roberto Bolano

David Foster Wallace

Virginia Woolf



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